Series: Muses

Dimensions: H14.5 X W11 inches

Medium: 24k Gold & nickel electro-plated to stainless steel panel with powder coat and acids. 
Adrift recognizes the moments that we must pass through in our journey of discovery – the darkest moments of feeling lost and abandoned. As we pass through the stirring of the deep waters of the subconscious, we look for the illumination of the epiphany.

Brian Mark explores a unique area within surrealism to capture the a-ha! moment. Through his works, you experience the moment of the epiphany when a ghost of an idea emerges from the subconscious and comes into focus for the conscious mind to behold.

The symbols include:
- Face: the face has lost her gaze and direction. With nothing to focus on, she turns inward for guidance/direction. 
- The toppled pillar: symbolizes the broken architecture of our society. 
- Shepherd’s broken crook: symbolizes abandonment by our leaders. 
- Upside down sacred structure: symbolizes hypocrisy.                                                                            - Boat: represents the vehicle of conscious thought and philosophy, and in a dark moment symbolizes hope.